Rose City Gliders: May 6, 2012 Newsletter

From: Herb Weiner <>
Subject: Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade Update
Date: May 6, 2012 5:20:27 PM PDT

The Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade is five weeks away. We have 11 gliders so far: Herb, Julienne, Shannon, Greg, Scot, Corey, David, Craig and friend, Hugo, and Shayne.

SK Northwest expects to send a postcard to Portland area Segway customers next week. (The first batch of postcards was lost by UPS, so the printer is expediting a second batch.) If you stop by SK Northwest, please thank Shawn and Angela for their help with publicity.

Herb and Julienne will host a planning meeting at their home in SE Portland for interested participants either Wednesday evening, May 9 at about 7 PM, or Saturday morning, May 12 at about 10 AM. The meeting is optional, but if you are interested in attending, please let us know whether you prefer Wednesday evening or Saturday morning. Possible topics for discussion are the items below:

I am recommending that we all dress for the parade wearing black pants (everyone supply their own) and red Kariban K647 windbreakers. Everyone will also need to wear a helmet. This is what we all wore for the 2010 parade. I can obtain the windbreakers for anyone who does not already have one. The are approximately $15 for sizes Small through XL, $17 for XXL, and $18 for 3XL.

Two years ago, Greg's friend Kathleen provided the flowers at the wholesale price of $20 per Segway. Last year, Kathleen was no longer able to do the flowers for us, so the cost was $45 per Segway. I would like to see if we can get a better price this year.

I assume we will use the same maneuvers we used in 2010. There will probably be one or two people who don't feel comfortable doing the maneuvers, and we can place these folks either in the front or the rear of our formation.

We should probably schedule 3 or 4 rehearsals, some on evenings and some on weekends. If the past is any indication, not everyone will make it to every rehearsal, but everyone can hopefully make it to one or two. A good place for rehearsals is under the East end of the Hawthorne Bridge (meet at SE Madison and SE Water Street). Even if the weather doesn't cooperate, we can stay dry while we practice.

A new requirement from the Rose Festival is for each group to provide insurance. Craig has investigated costs for the insurance. This is something we will need to discuss.